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Assign Forms to Users (video)

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This article explains how to assign - or make available - forms to your users. This applies to both advisors and students. Users must be assigned a form in order to create an experience or complete an experience component (log, journal, evidence) using that form.


Once you have created forms for experiences, learning logs, journals, and evidence uploads, you must decide which users have them available. You may need different types of forms for different age or grade levels, depending on the expectations on students in completing the forms; you may need different forms for different types of advisors. In both cases, the ability to limit the number of available forms can simplify your users' experience.



Where to Select Available Forms

Selecting Forms for a Single User

Selecting Forms for Multiple Users



Where to Select Available Forms

The Form selector is in the User Profile Editor, toward the bottom of the edit window. Navigate to Admin > Users and select a user to edit. When you see this window:



Scroll to the bottom section to see the following options:


The above image is what appears when a single user is selected. Read below to continue. 

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Selecting Forms for a Single User

After navigating to the form assignment section, review any forms already selected for the user in the right column. As noted, if no forms are selected, all forms will be available. Checking the box beside the form name in the left column moves it to the right.

When finished making changes, click "save." 

The user will now see the available forms in the corresponding dropdown menu, as shown below:


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Selecting Forms for Multiple Users

When editing multiple profiles, several users selected at once may already have completely different sets of forms available. Thus, there is no way for Foundry to show you every student's currently available forms.

So if you are certain you want to assign a selected group of users the same forms, you have 2 options:

a) you can select one or more forms and ADD those to everyone's already selected forms, or

b) you can select the desired set of forms and REPLACE everyone's forms with the set you selected.


  1. First, select the users you want to edit in bulk. In the example below, we are selecting only the students in the group "Targaryen Advisory." 
  2. Then, scroll to the Form Assignment section. These are closed by default. Click the "+" sign to open the options menu beside the form type (experience, journal, log, evidence) you want to assign. 
  3. In the window, the options are greyed out until you check the "Assign ___  Forms?" box. 
  4. Select the "Add" option to add the forms you choose to whatever each user already had available.
  5. Select the "Replace" option to create the complete set of forms available to every selected user. Any currently available forms not selected now will be removed and replaced by only the forms you choose at this step.


In the example below, we have replaced the existing available journal forms with only the three we selected, for all students in the Targaryen Advisory. will now only have the three selected forms available to complete a journal:


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