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Detailed Target Evaluation Spreadsheet




This article details the Detailed Target Evaluation Spreadsheet exports, which you access from the Quick Actions > Generate Reports or Quick Actions > Generate Transcripts menus.

The primary difference between the two reports is the timeframe: the Transcripts version allows you to select the terms across which you want to report. If you do not see the term(s) on which to report, contact one of your Foundry Admin users. 

The Reports version allows you to customize the timeline on which you want to report, as with other choices on the Reports menu.




As with all reports, the completed report will appear in your report history when complete (if there are no errors). Click the report link to download it to your desktop.

The resulting report displays all targets earned by every student included in the report. The rows are initially grouped by student and sorted in alphabetical order of the experiences in which the targets were earned. The following data is displayed in each report column:


Action Needed: (See below for details)

The following is User profile information from each student:

Student ID (If your school enters your students' ID's in Foundry), Last Name, First Name, M.I., Gender, Birthdate.

The rest of the columns relate to the targets.

Subject: The subject in which the target was earned. 
Subject Group: The subject group in which the target was earned.
Target: The name of the target earned
Target ID: The ID assigned to the target when created in Foundry. This is the only data not created by the user.
Target Description: The longer description of the target earned.
Target Evaluation: The scale mark earned, based on your designated scales.
Evaluator Name: The name of the advisor who evaluated the experience.
Evaluator Id: The ID of the evaluator. (See below for details)
Date Evaluated: The date the experience was evaluated.
Experience Title: The name of the experience.
Experience Type: The form type chosen by the experience creator to create the experience: Project Plan,  Mini-Inquiry, etc.
Experience Creator Name: The name of the advisor who created the experience.
Experience Creator Id: The ID of the experience creator. (See below for details)
Date Created: The date the experience was assigned.


Additional information regarding "Action Needed," "Evaluator ID" and "Creator ID":

This report was originally designed for schools in Minnesota who uploaded the resulting report to their State Department of Education.

The "Action Needed" cells were designed to detect if required fields in this report were left blank or incorrectly identified. If you are not uploading this report to an outside source, you likely do not need this information.

The "Evaluator ID" and "Experience Creator ID" fields were required by this circumstance. Some users might assign different advisors to evaluate the experience (for subject areas and/or targets outside the creator's area of expertise, e.g.), which is why both fields are included.



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