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What is the difference between 'Guided Choice' and 'Free Choice'?



Guided Choice and Free Choice are two options your school has available to enable student choice and agency in their learning journey. They are both ways for students to earn credit for work done beyond the minimum guidelines of the student's Learning Plan. How much you use Guided and Free Choice depends on how much freedom your structure allows.

Both Guided Choice and Free Choice are enabled and edited in your school's Learning Plan Manager.


Guided Choice

This is a Catch-all category that recognizes optional student work done above and beyond the required Learning Targets in learning disciplines. In Guided Choice you specifically identify the Target Group(s) that will accommodate additional project work and optionally identify number of credits that can be earned through that additional work. 


A student in Algebra 1 wants to demonstrate content knowledge for a specific Learning Target not required by any assigned learning plan. If the student first earns all the targets required by the plan, then any additional targets earned in the Math Subject would normally show an extra Math Learning Target completed. Selecting 'Math' as a subject in the Guided Choice category enables the extra Learning target completed to count in the Guided Choice category.


Free Choice

In the Free Choice category there are no required Subjects, Target Groups or Learning Targets. It is a bucket to allow recognition of additional work done by the student, beyond the required items. A student might perform a Learning Target multiple times, but only the required number of times are counted towards Learning Target completion. Any and all work that is evaluated will be represented as 'extra' and will not be allocated to a specific subject (subject group) for purposes of student transcripts, etc.


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