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How do I get support for a Foundry problem?



There are a number of ways to get additional help to ensure your success with using Foundry in your deeper learning environment. 


Submit a Support Ticket

Subscribe to Updates

Purchase Additional Support 



Submit a Support Ticket

Read here for updated instructions on submitting support tickets.



Subscribe to Updates

Alternatively, you can 'follow' an article to be updated when comments are posted etc. This is especially helpful for posts in our Community, where we encourage our users to post suggestions for enhancements, and interact with other Foundry users in the Foundry network channel.



Purchase Webinar and Onsite Support

Schools, districts, and teachers have PD requirements- and we'd love to be part of yours! Don't hesitate to reach out to support@projectfoundry.com to schedule dedicated and focused support time with one of our Foundry trainers! We are happy to connect with you by remote webinar for 1-3 hours during a scheduled staff development day. We also are able to come to a site of your choice to spend up to 7 hours working with your staff in person.



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