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What is a Content Target Set?


A Content Target Set (also called Learning Target Set) is the compilation of all the content targets your students and advisors/teachers will use during the school year when designing and assessing learning experiences. In other words, the “big binder” of the Common Core standards that sits on your bookshelf is part of a content target set.  Your school can have one active content target set, organized by Subjects and Target Groups.  

Subjects- Once a content target set has been added, you can add the subjects. Examples: English, Science, Math, Social Studies, Phy Ed, etc.

Target Groups - Once the subjects are added, you can add target groups. Target groups within the Science subject could be Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Astronomy, etc.

Content Targets and Descriptors - Within each subject group, you will create targets and descriptors. These are a series of specific achievable outcomes within each subject group level. Content targets can be synonymous with state learning standards; however, they may include groupings such as scope and sequence or individual school outcomes. The content targets are ultimately associated with learning experiences, evaluated by advisors and teachers, and earned by students.


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