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Summary Transcript



This article explains how to generate the Summary Transcript Report for your students. Properly configured terms are a pre-requisite for showing student progress per term. For configuring school terms in Foundry, click this link to the Admin section article describing Terms and how to configure them.





Generating Transcripts

Summary Transcript Components




In Foundry, you generate transcripts by selecting the option in the 'Quick Actions' menu located in the top black colored bar. Transcripts are generated on the basis of school terms. Foundry has several pre-formatted transcripts available to our school customers. 

The Summary Transcript was designed to contain the student's overall GPA and total credits earned during the terms you select. If your school does not use credits or grades, the Summary Transcript is not a good reporting option.


What it contains

If your school uses credits, the Summary Transcript will include all credits a student earned - regardless of learning plans assigned to the student - ONLY IF:

  1. All experiences in which credits were earned are marked as "completed." Credits earned in experiences that are still "active" will not appear on the transcript. This means you might see differences between credits on the Performance Page and credits in the transcript, which is why you see " - active" next to some experience names on the Performance Page.
  2. All terms in which the student earned credit are selected when the report is generated. For example, if a student earned credit in May 2018 (the 2017-2018 academic year in most schools), but the selected terms only cover the 2018-2019 academic year (beginning in July-September in most schools), the May 2018 credits will not appear on the transcript. 


What it looks like

This is what the Summary Transcript looks like in the landscape format:


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Generating Transcripts

Any advisor can generate a transcript for a student or a group of students at any time. The results shown in the generated transcript will reflect evaluation results for the terms you specify. Any evaluations completed outside the requested term will not be reflected in the transcript.

To generate a transcript, please follow these steps:



  1. From your Advisor home page, click on the 'Quick Actions' menu in the (black) info bar.
  2. Select 'Generate Transcripts' from the available options.
  3. In the Transcript generation page, select a transcript type from the 'Report Type' list. Selection options for the transcript vary slightly, so follow the path that is appropriate below.




Summary Transcript Options

  1. Report Type: Select 'summary transcript' and then choose from following Report Options.
    • Total by Subject / Subject Group. For example, you can total credits by Math, Language Arts, Science, etc.; or by Subject Group. In a traditional, course-based school model, a typical choice is to select by Subject Group - this will show credits for each course (Algebra, Geometry, etc) rather than just the overall subject (Math).

    • Only show Subject Groups with 0.5 credits earned or more: This might be useful if your school offers partial credit, but you want to report on completed "course"-type work.
    • Show Only / Exclude: These allow you to filter out experiences by type. This might be useful if you have students who transferred in to your school with credits earned elsewhere, but you want to generate a transcript-style report showing only credits earned at your school.
  2. Available Users: Identify the students for which the transcript should be generated. A student must be currently active to be available for transcripts. So, if you need to generate  a report for a student who has already graduated, return to the Admin side and update their status to “active.” Make sure to refresh your browser when returning to the Report section.
  3. Terms: Identify and select the Terms to be included in the Transcript. Take care not to select overlapping terms - e.g., “First Semester 2020” and “2020-2021 School Year.” You will generate an inaccurate transcript with duplicate data. Foundry will generate a warning before you begin if there exist any overlapping terms.
  4. Click on the 'generate transcript' button. Finished transcripts will display in the table below, and will remain in your report history for as long as you want them.
  5. Click on the finished report link, and it will first download to your desktop. You can then open it for viewing.



Transcript Components

Transcripts consist of several components that reflect the student's evaluation results. Below is an overview of the major sections of the summary transcript.


Summary Transcript Example



The report contains the school name and address at top left, and the Student name, ID, and birthdate at top right.

Earned credits and estimated GPA appear next, followed by custom student fields. The example above includes an ACT score, but your transcript will include only those fields you designate in your custom student attributes section. Read here for more information on custom student attributes


Ensuring Correct Transcripts

It is important that your school's administrator of the Foundry site has properly configured school settings (terms, scales, learning targets, learning plans) to ensure that the information gathered and reflected in the transcript is accurate.



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