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Experiences: Edit or Cancel Unevaluated Experiences (video)

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This article details how to manage changes to experiences containing NO evaluation data. If you need information about how to change an experience - including an active experience - that contains ANY evaluation data, read here.


Add or Remove a Student or Advisor

Add or Remove a Target

Change the Submission Method

Cancel the experience



Add or Remove a Student or Advisor

To add or remove students or advisors, select 'edit plan' from the experience actions menu. Scroll to the bottom section, which lists all experience members, and click 'remove' beside the name of the student or advisor you need to remove. Click 'save' to finish your changes.



Add or Remove a Target

To add or remove a content or skill target, select 'edit plan' from the experience actions menu. Scroll to the middle section, which contains the target and/or skills chooser for the experience, and lists any active targets currently part of the experience.

Click 'remove' beside the name of the intended target. Click 'save' to finish your changes.



Change the Submission Method

Recall that you have 3 options when assigning any experience:

  • Option 1 creates an individual experience - all students submit their experience one at a time.
  • Option 2 creates a group experience - only one student needs to submit the experience to submit it for all students.
  • Option 3 is a batch assignment, not covered by this article.

To change an individual experience to a group experience or vice versa, select 'edit plan' from the experience actions menu. Scroll to the very bottom of the page, where you will see this checkbox:


If the box is checked, the experience is currently an Option 1, individual experience. Uncheck the box to make it a 'group' experience. Click 'save' to finish your changes.

If the box is unchecked, the experience is currently an Option 2 'group' experience. Check the box to make it an 'individual' experience for all students. Click 'save' to finish your changes.

Watch the video below for a quick demonstration (no audio):


Once an experience is batch-created, it cannot be changed, because each batch-created experience is for individual students only.


Cancel the Experience

Recall that experiences are not deleted from Foundry, but canceling them is relatively easy  as long as they contain no evaluation data (this includes marks on targets, credits, grades, and comments). If the experience you need to cancel contains any of the above, read here to learn how to cancel it properly.

To cancel an experience, select 'cancel' from either the experiences table (the rightmost column for an experience), or from the experience actions within a particular experience plan. Click 'confirm' to cancel the experience.

Canceled experiences will continue to appear on your Experiences page table if you click the 'All' or 'Canceled' status filters, but will not show in your Work to Do page. 


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Experiences: Edit or Remove Evaluation Data

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