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School Features



This article explains how to understand and use the School Features section. Only your school's Admin users have access to this feature. 





Definitions and How to Use


Feature List (coming soon)



Foundry is known for being a highly configurable software platform. This configurability applies to things like learning targets, scales, learning plans, groups, visibility, and more.

One additional and very powerful part of your Foundry site is known as "Features," also referred to as "feature flags" or "feature keys." These are elements of the software that your Admin can turn on or off for your site, depending on your school's overall plan.

Most of your school's features will be determined while your site is set up, in consultation with a Foundry support or Education staff member. Sometimes new features are developed and released, and your school's Admin will receive a notification with instructions for enabling the feature.

Not all features available everywhere in Foundry will be visible on your site - only those that have been enabled appear on the list.

To see your school's currently applied and available features, navigate to Admin > School Features. You will see a table something like this:





Definitions and How to Use

The column headers and actions relevant to the user are explained as follows:

Active: When checked, the feature is active. To change the active status of a feature, check or uncheck the box, then click the save icon (see below).

Feature Key: The name of the feature. Generally the Key indicates where on the site (ex: Performance Page, PLP, etc.) the feature applies. The label "Site Wide" indicates a feature that applies throughout Foundry.

Save (disc icon): As noted above, for each feature you check or uncheck as "Active", you must also click the Save icon. If you check multiple features and then the save icon, only the feature whose icon you've checked will change status.

The remaining headers are primarily for Foundry staff usage, and you do not need to worry about what they mean.

The impact of most feature flags appears on the Advisor and Student role views. When you activate or deactivate a feature, you can switch to that role and immediately see the change without refreshing or logging out and back in.




Why are there multiple features with the same name? How do I know which one I should use?

This is a common question, which we are working to remedy. Sometimes the same feature is developed for different organizations or previous platforms, and others are developed and then redeveloped. 

If you would like to or are instructed activate or deactivate a feature with multiple titles, Foundry will notify you how to select the correct one.


Can I turn off any of the features?

UX Update: Show the new updated user interface

At present, Foundry strongly recommends you do not change the UX UPDATE feature keys. Making these inactive would revert your site to a previous version of Foundry that is no longer supported by our development team. Eventually these keys will be removed and the changes will be "permanent."

Site Wide: Enable Support Bot

We recommend working with the newly deployed "Support Bot," as this makes accessing the help content in our Knowledge Base more efficient. Currently, the Bot has been enabled on virtually all school sites, but if you are not satisfied or find it inconvenient, you can turn it off. Even if you deactivate the support Bot, you will continue to have access to Knowledge Base content through the web portal.


Other features you can turn on or off to see how they affect your site.


Why does someone else's Foundry site have some features that I don't have?

Not every feature is relevant to every Foundry customer, so not every Foundry site has all possible features available. Features are enabled on your site by Foundry support staff, either at your request or when a new feature is released that Foundry believes is relevant (but not necessarily critical) to all users. Even then, we generally encourage our customer Admins to turn on new features, rather than turning them on for you.

If you have further questions, are unsure of how a feature works, or are an Admin and would like to request a feature to be enabled on your site, please send a request to support@projectfoundry.com.



Feature List (Coming Soon)

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