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Learning Plans: How to Edit and Reassign a Plan



This article explains in detail what to do when you need to change a learning plan to which many students are assigned. The article assumes that you are using the same learning target set for the new plan.




There are two key features of learning plans to remember when you decide to make edits to an existing learning plan:

1. The learning plan is only a filter. You will NOT lose any student data when changing or removing a plan.

2. The learning plan is only a template. Only a copy of this template is ever assigned to a student, so changes to the template do not apply to the student's copy of the plan.

For more in-depth information on these features, read Learning Plans: A Conceptual Framework.




With the above features in mind:

1. Navigate to Admin > Learning Plans > Manage Plan Templates:


2. Scroll to locate the plan you want to edit. Foundry recommends you first remove the plan from all students to whom it is currently assigned. You will see the number of students currently assigned to the plan:


You can click this link expand the list and remove students individually:



You can click "Remove Students" to open a window that will allow you to remove some or all of the students at once:


3. Once you have removed all the current students from the existing plan, you can click "Edit Template" and make any necessary changes, which include:

  • Add/remove subjects, subject groups, or individual targets.
  • Add Guided Choice or Free Choice as plan goals, which allow students to earn credit for work beyond the required targets.
  • Set or remove requirements to targets, such as the number of times a target must be completed, or the level (scale mark) required to earn the target.
  • Assign credit requirements at the subject or subject group level.


Note: At present, you cannot change the start or end date of a learning plan once it is created. To change the date range, you must create and assign a new plan.


4. Save your changes.

5. Assign the new plan template to the desired students. Remember, this assigns a copy of the template, which can be further customized for each student.


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