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Learning Target Completion Report




This article details the Learning Target Completion report, which you access from the Quick Actions > Generate Reports menus.

The Report allows you to customize the timeline on which you want to report, as with other choices on the Reports menu.




When you select the report, the following options appear:



Hide the Learning Targets Students Have Not Done Yet: If you do not select this option, the report will display every target in the student's learning plan.

Show the Learning Target Descriptions: This will display the target description in detail.

Show Attempted Learning Targets: This will include those targets the student has attempted but not yet met

Summarize by Subject Group (vs. subject)**: The default setting on this report is to group targets by subject. This selection will group the targets by subject group. Important note: This selection will negate the option to show the target descriptions. So if you want to show the target descriptions, do not select this option.

Show Earned Credits Totals: This displays the credits earned in each subject.


The report below shows the targets grouped by subject. The first column displays the subject groups in rows. The second column shows the number and percentage of targets completed as required by the student's learning plan. The third column lists all the experiences in which targets from each subject group were earned, as well as the evaluation mark and date.   






The below report is also grouped by subject, with each target and target description visible in the second column. The third column displays the experience in which the target was earned, the mark name, and date.




The below report displays the subject group within each grouped subject, with the target descriptions hidden. It does not display each target, but the number and percent of the targets required by the student's learning plan show in the second column. The third column displays the experiences and evaluation marks earned on the targets in that subject group.




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