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Learning Plans: Set the Default Plan (video)

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This article explains the meaning and importance of the Default Learning Plan. If you are new to learning plans, we recommend you start here with an introduction, or here to learn how to create and assign a learning plan.

Foundry also makes it possible to assign and evaluate learning targets without having an assigned plan. This optional feature is called Autoplan. Read about it in detail here




Demonstration Video

Purpose of the Default Plan

Setting a Plan as Default

Setting a Plan as Default for Multiple Students

User Default Plan on the Performance Page



Demonstration Video


Purpose of the Default Plan

It is not uncommon for schools to create and assign multiple "active" learning plans to a single student, although multiple plans are not required. The default learning plan is the plan that will always appear as selected on the Performance Page.

It is also the plan against which transcripts are generated, so before generating reports or transcripts, make sure you have the desired learning plan set as the default.



Setting a Plan as Default

After your template and/or individualized plans have been assigned, you will choose a default in the User Profile. If a student has only one learning plan assigned, this plan is automatically set as the default.

To set a plan as the default, navigate to Admin > Users, select a student to edit, and scroll down to the "Student Attributes" section. 

Click the 'Update Default Plan...' box to enable editing.



Then, select a plan from the dropdown menu:



The (unassigned) notation means that plan has never been assigned to the student. Unassigned plans will not appear as options on the Performance Page.


Note: When you add a new student as part of a bulk upload, no plan is selected as a default. Once you edit and save this student's profile, the first available plan will be automatically set as default if you do not select one.


When you add a new student individually, clicking "save" (as above) triggers the learning plan assignment. The first available plan in the list will be assigned by default if you do not select one.



Setting a Plan as Default for Multiple Students

You can select the same default plan for multiple students by using the process described here.

Navigate to Admin > Users and select multiple student checkboxes, then 'Edit Selected. Scroll down to the same 'Student Attributes' section, click 'Set Default Plan for selected users?' to enable multiple student edits, then select the desired plan.





User Default Plan on the Performance Page

Once a student has been assigned a default learning plan, the Performance Page will select this plan to display first, if the student has multiple plans assigned.

In the dropdown box, "User Default Plan" will always be a selection. Selecting this tells Foundry to revert to displaying the currently assigned default, which will then appear in the dropdown with a checkbox.



This feature is useful if a student has multiple plans and you (or the student, as in the above example) do not remember which plan is the default.



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