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Experiences: Evidence



This article describes how the Evidence feature works in Foundry, and how Evidence is connected to Learning Experiences.




Demo Video: Uploading Evidence

Purpose of Evidence

Evidence form types

Assigning an Evidence form

Evidence on the Portfolio page



Demo Video



Purpose of Evidence Forms

Evidence forms allow students to attach external files and/or links to their experiences as direct evidence of their learning. Examples might include longer writing submissions like research papers, videos, presentations, etc.

Note: Foundry distinguishes between different file types and how they are displayed once uploaded. Read here to learn more about what types of files and links can be uploaded to evidence forms.


As with experiences and other experience components like learning logs and journals, you and your students can comment on evidence entries as part of your ongoing dialogue.


Evidence Form Types

Most Foundry sites come pre-loaded with several types of Evidence forms designed by Foundry staff. Your Foundry Admin users can edit these forms or create additional Evidence forms as needed. Available evidence forms are determined in each user's profile. If you or your students do not see the evidence form type you would like, contact your school's Foundry Admin.

Examples of evidence forms follow:

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Assigning an Evidence Form

Technically, evidence forms are not "assigned" in Foundry the way Experiences are. You can direct students to add single or evidence items by adding them as tasks in the Experience Plan, or you can add such tasks to the experience after it has been assigned.

In either case, students initiate the process by selecting Add Evidence' from the Quick Actions menu,  the Experience Actions menu inside an individual experience, or from the Action column on either the Work to Do or Experience pages:


Screen_Shot_2020-10-22_at_3.19.04_PM.png Screen_Shot_2023-01-05_at_10.47.56_AM.png


Note: Advisors can add evidence to an experience on behalf of a student by using the Quick Actions menu while logged in as an Advisor. Foundry will note that the upload was done by the advisor.



Evidence on the Portfolio Page

All evidence uploaded by students will be compiled on the Portfolio page.  You and your students can view them by clicking the cell in the 'evidence' column, as shown below (no audio). 



If you open an Evidence entry, the attached evidence can be viewed in a viewer, depending on the type of file attached. We are working on expanding the types of files that will display automatically. Read here for more information on what file types can be uploaded to Foundry. These currently include most image files, as well as YouTube video links. Other types that cannot be directly displayed will download to your desktop when clicked.




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