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Credit Spreadsheet Summary



IMPORTANT: Our development team has been made aware of an error with the Credit Spreadsheet Reports (Summary, Earned, Remaining, Goals) that does not correctly apply the time filter. Running this report currently shows all credits earned, regardless of time. 


If you need to report on credits earned during a particular term, please read our temporary workaround article here.


We apologize for the inconvenience! This article will be updated when the feature is repaired.


This article details the Credit Spreadsheet export, which you access from the Quick Actions > Generate Reports menu.




Once on the Reports page, select "Credit Spreadsheet Summary."




Select the student(s) on whom you wish to report, the date range you wish, and click "generate report." As with all reports, the completed report will appear in your report history when complete (if there are no errors). Click the report link to download it to your desktop.

The report will generate a spreadsheet including one row for each student. Each row contains 40+ columns clustered by subject group, with the totals closer to the left.

In each subject group cluster, one column each displays "remaining credits," "earned credits," and "credit goals."





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