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Detailed Transcript




This article explains the Detailed Transcript in detail, and compares it to the Summary Transcript. The Detailed Transcript consists of two parts, each described below.




What it Looks Like

Generating the Report

Section 1

Section 2

Section 3


What it Looks Like

This is what the Detailed Transcript looks like. It is currently available only in the landscape format:




Generating the Report

To generate and open the transcript, navigate to Advisor > Quick Actions, and select 'Detailed Transcript' from the menu options:



  1. Identify and select the students for which the transcript should be generated.
  2. Identify and select the Terms of which the results should be included in the Transcript.
  3. Click on the 'generate transcript' button. Finished transcripts will display in the table below, and will remain in your report history for as long as you want them.
  4. Click on the finished report link, and it will first download to your desktop. You can then open it for viewing.


Section 1 Report Summary

The first section lists each learning experience in which a student earned credit, grouped by the experience (form) type.

Every experience form type that was used will have its own section, as shown below.

Experiences are listed by completion date, and contain the credits and grade earned, the subject group(s) in which targets were earned, and the credit and grade within each subject group.

Note: This report does not display individual targets earned.




Section 2 Report Summary

The second section summarizes learning target and credit completion within each subject, according to the student's default learning plan.

The first three columns display the number and percentage of earned (content) targets, as well as extras.

The second three columns display the total number and percentage of credits earned, as well as extras.

The total earned targets and credits are displayed at the bottom of the table.





Section 3 Report Summary

The last section sums the targets earned by form type from Section 1, displays the student's total credits earned and estimated GPA on the left, and student information (including custom fields) on the right.

Note: "Total Credits Earned" excludes any targets designated as "non-credit bearing" on the scale assigned to the evaluated targets. For more information on scales settings, read here.





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