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Parent and Coach Roles



This article defines the Parent and Coach roles and their basic Functions. 



Foundry provides parents and coaches distinct roles to allow them to engage with and guide their children or mentees in learning.

The Parent role is for a student's parent or legal guardian - the person who will log in to see their child's progress:




The Coach role is designed for users outside of the school or family, but who will, by agreement with and permission from the school, review and comment on a student's work. This definition of coach doesn't refer to a P.E. teacher who also serves as the school's basketball coach, for example. An internship supervisor or community leader supervising students in a service learning project, for example, fit the model of a "coach" in Foundry:





Functions of Parent and Coach Roles

When logged in to the Parent role, parents will have access to see the progress of their child. This  engages parents in the learning process and enables communication between parent, student and teacher which is focused on the learning taking place. 

Similarly, when logged in to the Coach role, coaches, will see the students on their teams and their progress.

Once parents and coaches have an account in Foundry, they are able to:

  • review all work and results related to their child, as gathered and managed in Foundry.
  • message with student and teacher about the work.
  • comment on work in progress as appropriate.
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