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Users: Manage and Edit Multiple Users at once



This article describes how to edit multiple users using the menu or using batch upload. If you have not yet added new users, read here first.





Edit multiple users with 'Edit Selected Users'

Using "Edit Selected" is a simple approach if you want to make the same change to multiple users. A few examples of actions that might suit this approach include:



  1. Navigate to Admin > Users.
  2. If necessary, filter by name, role, group, or status (active/inactive) to narrow your search.
  3. Using the checkboxes at left, select all the user profiles you wish to edit at the same time.
  4. When all the users have been selected, click the 'Edit Selected Users' button located at the top of the page:



Note: When editing multiple users this way, extra checkboxes will appear in the profile editor to indicate which profile settings can be changed using this method. You must check these boxes to enable multiple user edits. 


The first section will allow you to add or remove users to the list of users to edit.


Account Information

You could use the "Account Information" section to batch assign a dummy password for students or admins to change later, and you can make multiple students inactive here as well:



Student Attributes and the Default Learning Plan

This section will enable multiple student edits to start or graduation dates, allowing certain features, and assigning the default learning plan. Read here for more on learning plans or the purpose of the default learning plan.

This feature is very useful when managing student learning plans. When you create and/or edit a learning plan, it must first be reassigned to students via the Learning Plan Manager and then set as the default plan here.   



Each section below can be opened by clicking the "+" sign to view available editable fields:



Form Assignments

You can use the 'Edit Selected' feature to assign experience forms to multiple users at the same time. Select multiple users like you would for other profile features, and scroll down to the "Experience," "Journal," or "Learning Logs" form assignment section:



Because Foundry has no way, while editing multiple users, to show you each user's existing collection of assigned forms, so you have two choices when using this feature.

You can either

a) add to the selected users the forms you choose, regardless of which forms they already had, or

b) replace all the selected users' forms with the ones you select.

Note, as in the picture above, that there is no way to remove all forms from a user once a single form has been assigned. If a user has no forms selected, all forms will be available. 


Finish the Edit

  1. Verify the correct user names are selected with checkmarks. Remember, the same change(s) to the user settings will be applied to all selected users.
  2. When all desired user profile settings are updated, click the 'save' button at the bottom of the page.



Edit multiple users with Batch Upload/Edit

Use this option if you want to make different changes to multiple users. This approach is somewhat lengthier and more complicated, but can accomplish many things that "Edit Selected" cannot. A few examples of actions that might suit this approach include:

  • Entering ACT scores, allergies, or other custom student attributes
  • Adding or changing student email addresses, usernames, or student ID's
  • Entering birthdays or assigning a gender label



There are two options for this approach. Both involve exporting and importing records with Excel spreadsheets, so please read each option carefully - different records will be exported depending on which option you choose.


Option 1: Export Selected

  1. Use the checkboxes at left to select all users to modify (similar to "Edit Selected" above).
  2. Then click "Export Selected Users" above the table:


A spreadsheet will immediately download with only the selected users in it. If you leave the checkboxes unchecked, all users (including your inactive users) will be added to the spreadsheet.


Option 2: Export the entire list

Alternatively, you can export the entire user list, and update from there. Navigate to Admin > Users > Batch Upload/Edit Users.



This will open the Batch Upload/Edit instructions page. Scroll down until you see the following:




  1. Click the "Existing Users Spreadsheet Export" link, and an .xls spreadsheet will download (this is the same thing that happens if you use "Export Selected Users" above without selecting any users). 
  2. Update your spreadsheet of existing users, add additional users with all their Foundry user data, and save the file.
  3. When you have saved your changes, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Choose File."
  4. Select the file from your local drive and click OK. A blue "Preview User Import" button appears.
  5. Click the button to submit your edits. 

You will see this message:


You can scroll through the records to determine that your data looks correct. Foundry will prompt you if there are errors in your data that Foundry cannot accept. If there are no errors, you will see the following:


Click "Submit" at lower right to import your changes.

  • Each user profile in the spreadsheet is tied to the existing username. Updating usernames in this spreadsheet will not change the existing username for the user profile; instead, it will create a new user profile. To update usernames for existing users, you must make these changes individually in your site, within each existing user profile. NOTE: THIS FUNCTIONALITY WILL CHANGE AS FOUNDRY MOVES TO REQUIRE A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS AS A USERNAME. Read here for more information and to watch for updates on this coming security feature.
  • It is not possible to rename or remove column headings A-K, as these default fields are required to exist in all user profiles.
  • Do not edit Custom User Attribute field titles (columns L and beyond) via spreadsheet. If updating existing custom attributes, please be sure to leave the column title worded exactly as it downloaded (columns L and beyond). You can change the wording of existing custom attributes here: Admin > School Settings > Manage Custom Attributes. Read here for more information on this feature.


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