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Why do I see extra students on my students page?



Q: For some reason, I have extra students on my page that aren't in my group. How do I remove them from my page?


A: Group association in Foundry is what creates visibility. If you are associated with multiple groups of students, you will have multiple options for viewing students.

The Foundry default setting is to show "All My Students," which means all students with whom you are associated across all groups. If, for example, you're in an "all-school" type group, you'll see all students, as shown below:




If you're looking at the "Students" page of your advisor view, there is a filter drop-down at the upper right where you select the group of students you want to view. Use the filter just to see a particular group, such as your advisory:



The resulting list will show only those students in the group you've selected.



Also, remember that the lists of students on your Students page will almost always differ from that on the Work-to-Do page. Your students page will have all your (filtered) students, whereas the WTD page lists only the students who have submitted some sort of work.

When all the work they have turned in has been checked in, their name will disappear from the WTD page. Inbox-zero here we come!

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