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Learning Plans: Individualize



This article specifies how to Customize an individual student's Learning Plan. We suggest you read this article about the basic framework of learning plan assignment, or this article about creating and assigning learning plans before continuing.


There are many situations where students need to maintain an individualized learning plan (ILP). For example, if your school provides special services to students with IEP's, this can be managed in Foundry. Whether you create each ILP from scratch or adapt from a template depends on how much your school requires of all students, regardless of individual need. For example, if all students must take Health during 9th grade, pass a Civics exam, and meet basic physical fitness goals, it would make sense to create a Learning Plan Template with these requirements, then adapt to individual student needs.    




To create an individual learning plan from an already created template, navigate to Admin > Learning Plans > Manage Plan Templates. 


  • Select the Plan you wish to use as a template;
  • Check whether the intended student has been assigned the template: below the targets and credits, note "Currently assigned to x students."
  • Click the colored text link to view the students assigned. If your student is not yet assigned to the template plan:
    • Click "Assign Students";
    • Select all students to whom you wish to assign the template,
    • Select the appropriate date range, then
    • Click "submit." 
  • Note: Remember  - conceptually - that students are not being assigned to a single plan; rather, a common plan has been assigned to each individual student selected.  


Now that a student has received the plan template, you will modify that plan for your individual student. Navigate to Admin > Learning Plans > Manage Individual Plans. In the search field that appears, type the name of the desired student, and click "Search." You will see all learning plans currently assigned to that student. 


Select the plan you wish to use as the individual plan, and click "edit plan." In the resulting window, it is best practice to first assign the plan a new name, for two reasons:

1) You will always know it is an individualized copy, and

2) Any time you edit and save a plan, this effectively "locks" the individual plan. However, if you edit the plan template (creating a new version), and reassign the new version of the template to this student, Foundry does not overwrite the existing individual plan with the same name, so the student will appear to have two learning plans with the same name, and it will be very difficult to know which is the correct plan. 


Next to the name of the plan, before changing the target or credit requirements, click "Edit," assign the plan a new name, and click "Save." 


THEN, click "edit plan," and assign required subjects, subject groups, targets, etc as is necessary for the student.

As with designing a learning plan template, you can customize down to the individual target level how many times the student must demonstrate the skill, and to what level of mastery, using the scales you have adopted.


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