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What Does "null-active" on the Experience Page Mean?


Note: Only users with Advisor privileges can manage these functions, so if you are a student or parent and see "null-active" on the performance page, please notify the student's advisor.

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What is the "null-active" Problem?

Some users will occasionally report that they see the phrase "null-active" on a student's performance page, where the name of a learning experience should be:


The "null-active" title indicates that a student has been removed from a learning experience, but the evaluation data - either from learning targets or credits - persists. This should remind users that a simple datum, like an evaluation on a learning experience (traditionally, a grade) is actually made up of several bits of data: the user, the experience, the learning target associated with the experience, and the mark from the associated evaluation scale. Each of these elements has its own unique id in the Foundry database; removing the student (ie., the user) does not automatically remove the other associated data. Thus, the student's performance page will not show the name of the experience, because the student's name has been removed from the experience, but the student's data has not.

What is the consequence of this?

Often, users discover the "null-active" when credits on a student transcript do not match the expected amount of credit. But it also means that the student's record will show learning targets earned that should not have been earned. 

How do I prevent the "null-active" problem?

To avoid creating the "null-active" problem when removing a student from an experience, you must remove the evaluation data before removing the student:

First, find the experience and click the title to open it. If you have many experiences to search, check out some tips for finding it quickly. If the experience status is "Complete,"

Click Experience Actions > Change Back to Approved. This will make the experience active.

Then, click Experience Actions > Evaluate. In the resulting evaluation screen, click Standards, Credits, and Grades.


Then, find the student who needs to be removed, and in the student's column, click "clear selection" for each target, credit, or grade that has been evaluated.


Click "save" each time you remove data.


Once all the data has been removed, you can click "add/edit experience members," then click  "remove" next to the students you need to remove, then click "Save."


Finally, you can then click "Complete Project," and exit the Evaluation window.

Performance Page before the data was removed:


Performance Page after the data was removed:


How Do I Fix the Null-Active Problem?

Read the following [Coming Soon] article to successfully undo the "null-active" credit.

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