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Why are some credits not showing in a student transcript?



Even though the experience page clearly indicates that the experience has been completed, I am missing 1 or more credits associated with the experience on the student's transcript.

Why are the credits (or learning targets) not showing?



Completing an Experience has always been a two-step process: the Student completes the work, the Advisor completes the evaluation. Once both are in place, results show in the transcript. However, the credits will display on the Performance Page.

The introduction of 'anytime evaluation' allows an advisor to:

  1. Evaluate a Learning Target for one or more students on the Experience as soon as they have been completed;
  2. Add Learning Target evaluations as students complete the remaining ones associated with the Experience;
  3. Award credit to one or more students before all students have submitted the experience for evaluation; or
  4. Return to a previously completed evaluation to modify the result (credit).

Returning to a partially evaluated Experience and making edits to any part of the evaluation results in Foundry placing the Experience in 'DRAFT' mode. The main impact of leaving an Experience in that state is that the items that were edited (learning targets, skills targets, credits, project credits) will NOT BE SHOWN on a transcript until the Experience is removed from 'DRAFT' state.

Moving an Experience out of 'DRAFT' mode.

To move an Experience from 'DRAFT' mode to 'COMPLETED' mode takes only 1 step:

Once all Learning Targets have been evaluated for the Experience, click on the grey button in the upper right hand side of the page with the label


      Done Editing this previously Completed Experience


You will notice that two things happen.


  • The label on this button changes to:
Edit this previously Completed Experience


  • the status indicator changes from

         mode to




If you now generate a transcript for the same student it will show additional evaluated Learning Targets (and credits, etc.) in the appropriate term.



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