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Custom Student Attributes




This article explains how to create and manage custom data fields for your student users. They allow your school to add, track, and display additional student data.   

These fields can be used in a variety of ways and information can be entered throughout the application. Information will be displayed on designated pages, as well as on transcripts (summary transcript and detail transcript). 




Add a New Custom Attribute

Manage an Existing Custom Attribute Field



Add a New Custom Attribute

Custom attributes (data fields) are established by your school's Foundry Administrator(s).  Adding a custom field is very straightforward, as shown in the screen shot below.


Navigate to Admin > School Settings > Manage Custom Attributes:




Click on the green '+ Create User Attribute' link above the current custom attribute list.  This will show an additional section with options to set the parameters for the new field. 



Set Field Name and Field Type

Type in a descriptive name for the field you are adding.

Select the type of field you need to have available. There are 4 types of data fields:

  • Text - a short text field to enter 1 to a few words
  • Link - a field specifically to store hyperlinks for accessing a reference
  • Text Long - A text field that allows writing of multiple lines of narrative 
  • Date - A field to enter information in date format (US formatting).

Note: once you have designated a type for a data field, it cannot be changed. 

Indicate where the user should see the presented information in the new field:

  • On the student's Detail transcript
  • On the student's Summary transcript

Finally, indicate whether an advisor will be allowed to modify the information contained in the custom field. If this field is not check, only the administrator will be able to edit information in the custom field(s).





Manage an Existing Custom Attribute Field

In the same menu, you can edit some aspects of existing attributes by checking or unchecking the boxes below "Show on Detail Transcript," "Show on Summary Transcript," or "Allow Advisors to Edit."

Click the 'trashcan' icon to the right of the list to delete a custom attribute field.

Click on the floppy disk icon to save changes.






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