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Personal Learning Plan Page



This article describes the purpose and layout of the Personal Learning Plan (PLP) page in Foundry. 

Pending updates to this article will describe in further detail how Foundry admin users can configure the page and how student users can modify it.






Purpose of the PLP

As students, you create a personal learning plan — often in collaboration with your teacher, advisors and parents — as a way to help track and achieve your short- and long-term learning goals in school. While personal learning plans may take a variety of forms, they tend to share many common features. For example, you may be asked to:

  • Describe your college and/or career aspirations, along with your personal interests, passions, pursuits, and hobbies.
  • Reflect on your individual learning strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identify and/or take note of specific learning gaps that should be addressed.
  • Plan a personalized program to achieve your educational, career, and life goals while fulfilling school requirements.
  • Document milestones and major accomplishments.



PLP Layout

With that in mind, here's a breakdown of a sample Personal Learning Plan:

  • Your personal mission statement can be added by you or your advisor(s). This allows you to share what’s really at the heart of your learning, as well as set a profile image.
  • Your school's Admin user creates and assigns learning plans. These include defined learning targets/competencies/skills and/or credit goals for a specific period of time. Your progress toward these goals will automatically show in summary here.
  • You can also add personal or other goals and check them off when you achieve them.
  • You will also see all your active learning experiences and can link to them.

  • The ALEKS and Rosetta Stone components are labeled by default with these two most frequently requested compatibilities.  Currently, the student or their advisor user will log into the outside program (i.e. Rosetta Stone or ALEKS Math), screenshot the progress/data chart, and upload the saved image file into the respective PLP component within Foundry.  *Note: these two component titles are customizable upon request.  If you choose to re-label these, just send an email to support@projectfoundry.com stating what you'd like these labels/titles to read.

  • The Student Information component grabs information from your Foundry user profile set up by your Admins. This includes the data for custom fields your school uses, such as test or Lexile scores, contact information, etc. 
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