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This article describes the functionality that is available to you in the Foundry calendar, which can help you organize the various advisory meetings, task deadlines, etc that need to happen as part of a project-based or asynchronous approach.



Description and Views

Add a New Calendar Event

Add or Edit a Calendar

Show Student Calendars



Description and Views

Below an overview screenshot of the calendar in Foundry, showing the month view:




Foundry calendar has the following components:

  1. View  The large window displaying the entries in the calendar. The view can change based on which calendars have been selected for display. At minimum, the advisor's own calendar(s) will be shown.
  2. Navigation  Changing between day, week, month and list views. Look ahead or back in time using the arrows.
  3. New events  Creating new events is done through clicking on the 'Add a Calendar Event' button
  4. Students calendars  Student calendars you are viewing will be listed below the "My Calendar" entry. Click your name or the currently displayed name at top to see a list of students whose calendars you can select. You can also see calendars of groups with which you are associated.
  5. Activities These are task deadlines you have created in an experience using one of the dropdown menus available to add tasks. To read more about creating and managing tasks, click here.


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Add a New Calendar Event

To add a new event in the Foundry calendar, follow the steps below.


Click 'add calendar event' on the right side above the calendar.

A popup window will show that looks like the screen shot to the right. There are a few sections in this popup window that accept information about the event:

  • Name of the event and whose/which calendar it should be associated with
  • Time elements of the event
  • Where the event will take place and where additional information about the event can be found
  • Which experience the event is associated with.
  • Any additional notes about the event. 




Choose a calendar

It can theoretically be associated with more than 1 calendar. This is the screen to pick each/all relevant calendars.

If you have a large number of calendars, you can shorten the list by filtering on title of the calendar.

Check the box in front of the calendar to select it.




Edit time and date settings

Events can have a start and stop time and date. Select the start date first, then the end date. Finally, do the same for the duration of the event.

Is there additional information about the event?

Decide if this is a repeating event.

Link an announcement or description of the event or activity right inside the calendar for others to explore. Enter the URL of the information document or website in the box below 'Link'.



Connect to an Experience

Clicking on 'Connect to an Experience' produces the list of experiences associated with the advisor. Select the desired experience to associate it to the event simply by clicking on it.



Check required fields

Mandatory fields are highlighted in yellow with a brief indication of what needs to be corrected.

At minimum, Foundry needs a name of the event, and a start and end date/time.



Click "save" to view the result. Note: Detail about the event is shown when moving the mouse over the specific event).



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Add or Edit a Calendar

To add a calendar in your advisor account you need only a few steps:

  • Add a new calendar: Click on the '+' sign in the header for the calendars
  • Edit an existing calendar: click on the pencil behind the name of calendar in the list.
  • Delete a calendar: click on the 'x' behind the name of calendar in the list.



When adding or editing a calendar, a popup window will enable you to add or change details of the calendar.

Note: connecting and synchronizing with Google calendar is not possible at this time. Ignore this feature. Future releases will address this function.



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Show Student Calendars

By default, the calendar will show only your calendars. If you have accessed the calendar before, Foundry will remember your latest settings and additions and start with that view the next time you access to application.

In order to show calendars from one or more of your students, Use the familiar mechanism for finding and selecting students that is located in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

  • All my Students. Shows all active calendars from all students in your advisory group
  • My Calendar. Shows only your active calendars
  • [student name]. Shows the active calendars of the student selected.
  • Clicking on a specific calendar in the colored list on the lower left hand side will show only that calendar in your calendar view.



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