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Users: Deactivate or Reactivate



This article explains how to deactivate a single user or multiple users. 





Deactivating Individual Users

Why can't I just delete them? This is a common question for Foundry users. Because of the complex relationships established between users, groups, experiences, and the data within those experiences, Foundry does not allow for user deletion of user profiles. Instead, users can be "deactivated" with a simple checkbox. This will remove them from active groups, but will not delete historical data. 

To deactivate one or a small number of users, it's easiest to simply deactivate them one at a time via the List Users (leftmost) column on the Admin home page. Choose a single user to edit and uncheck the "Active" box as shown below. The user will be deactivated, and any work associated with the user will no longer be visible.

Note: Because nothing is ever deleted from within Foundry, you will be able to reactivate the user at any point and access any associated work and data. Simply reverse the process by checking the "Active" box:




Deactivating Multiple Users

Rather than individually turning off user accounts for a large number of users, simply deactivate them all at the same time! Navigate to Admin > Users.

  • Use the drop-downs to filter by group or role, or search by entering text in the "Filter by Name" box.
  • Select all the user profiles you wish to deactivate by checking the box beside the user's Last Name. 
  • When all the users have been selected, click the "Edit Selected Users" button located between the navbar and the top of the table.


Scroll down in the resulting popup editor to the "Active" checkbox. Notice the second checkbox to the far left. Uncheck the "Active" box: 


Then, check the far left box to confirm the change. You can change multiple attributes this way, so multiple changes checked with this box will updated when you click "Save."Screen_Shot_2020-05-19_at_8.46.54_PM.png


When you click "Save," the user profile update will be saved and all selected users will be deactivated, and any work associated with the users will no longer be visible - as with the single user.

Note: Although there is a way to "select all" users for batch-editing purposes, you cannot deactivate yourself as a user while you are logged in to your account, so don't worry about deactivating everyone by accident.

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Reactivating Individual Users

Perhaps a student who left your program has re-enrolled, or a student who has graduated needs to access some of their archived work. No matter the scenario, data is rarely - if ever - deleted from within Foundry, so you can reactivate a user at any point and access all prior associated work and data.

When reactivating only a small number of users, it's easiest to simply reactivate them one at a time via the List Users (leftmost) column on the Admin home page. Select the 'show inactive users' checkbox > select a single name > click the 'edit user' button.

Within the 'Account Information' section of the user's profile, select the 'Active' checkbox. Scroll to the bottom of the user's profile and click the 'submit' button. The user will be reactivated and any work associated with the user will be visible and accessible. 



Reactivating Multiple Students

To reactivate a large number of users at the same time: navigate to Admin > Users. At top right, select the 'show only inactive users' option:


and any other search criteria in the text box to find and select all the user profiles you wish to reactivate.

Use the blue checkbox at top left to select all the filtered users:


When all the users have been selected, click the "edit multiple users" button located at the top of the page:



In the user profile box that opens, click "change active status" and then "set all selected users as active":


As with any user changes, scroll to the bottom and click "Save": 


The user profile update will be saved and all selected users will be reactivated along with all prior work and data associated with the users.

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