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Edit a Group



This brief article explains how to edit an existing group. 


Editing a group allows an Admin user to rename a group, change the group type, add or remove users from the group, or change the status of a Guide or Manager. If you are not sure of the difference between group Member, Guide, or Manager, read this article about user roles and visibility.




You can change the group type, members, or status for Guides or Managers. To edit a group, follow these simple steps:

  1. Select the group from the 'Groups' (left) column of the Admin home page. If you have multiple types of groups, use the '+' to open the group type list to select.
  2. The Available Users, Guides, and Managers rows will show any eligible users not already selected for their particular roles. Click the '+' to show available users of each type, and check the box to add them to the group. They will automatically move to the right-hand, "Selected Users" etc" column.
  3. Set 'Notifications' preferences for each group Guide and Manager. Choosing to receive notifications means the user will see learning experience updates for that group's members in the notifications menu on the Info bar shown here: Screen_Shot_2023-03-20_at_2.24.29_PM.png  
  4. When finished, click the 'Save Group' button.
Note: As of this publication date, notifications will appear for actions related to experiences as a whole (assigning, editing, submitting for evaluation, returning, completing, and canceling). Actions taken on components (journals, logs, evidence, tasks) of the experience will appear in the Work To Do table if the Guide or Manager is also a member of the experience associated with those components.


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