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Logging Into Foundry (video)

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Foundry works hard to provide our customers with the application security and privacy you to find in a product of this caliber. Access security is a major component of that. 



Logging In

Selecting a Role

Switching Roles



Logging In

Logging in to Foundry is easy and secure. You will need three pieces of information to successfully log in:

  1. Your Foundry URL
  2. Your username (provided by the Foundry Administrator)
  3. Your password.


Where do I navigate to?

It all starts with your school dns (your URL nickname) + (dot) + projectfoundry.net. Your school nickname is/was chosen when your school purchased Foundry. Sometimes it is part of the full name, sometimes an acronym.

One of our common test sites is Apple Valley Academy, which we abbreviate as ava. So the URL for Apple Valley is https://ava.projectfoundry.net. The video below shows our staff logging in to AVA.



Watch this brief clip to see how to navigate to your Foundry site, login, and switch roles (if applicable), then review the steps below if necessary:




Selecting a Role

Which role do I select?

Once there, you can select one of your available roles from the dropdown, or let Foundry use your default. If you only have one role, for example, there is no need to use the dropdown. The primary benefit of using the dropdown is for users with dual roles who want to access both roles at the same time (more on that below).


Your username is provided by your school's Foundry admin. In the near future, Foundry will be shifting to require e-mails as usernames. If you are a Foundry admin and want to know more about this future change, read here.


Role colors

Each role in Foundry carries its own color scheme.

Student users (blue) 


Advisor users (green) 


Admin users (brown) 


Coach Users (purple) 


Parent Users (orange)



When presented with this screen, simply provide your chosen username and password to be granted access. Once authenticated, you will see your landing page. Generally, this is the left-most tab on the nav bar. From here, you can navigate to other parts of Foundry to work. 


Switching Roles

Once you have logged in, Foundry knows what roles you have access to in the application. There is no need to log out and log in with a different role, or have multiple browser tabs open to be logged in with a specific role.

All users can see which roles are available to them and can switch between them by navigating to the profile menu (represented by your name) and selecting the desired role from the list shown. 

[Note: In very few cases do users have all five roles, as the menu below shows. This image is for demonstration purposes.]





What is the benefit of selecting a role from the initial dropdown menu?

Good reminder! A recent update to Foundry will allow you to have the site open in separate tabs for separate roles without logging off one of the roles. When you login to each role, choose that role from the dropdown. This is helpful if you want to see how changes you make in one role (ex: updating forms using the Admin role) appear to the other roles - without switching roles. Watch here:



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