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Parent and Coach Roles



This article explains the Parent and Coach roles in Foundry. You will learn why and how to set up these relationships.




Functions of Parent and Coach Roles

Create Parent or Coach Role




Foundry provides parents and coaches distinct roles to allow them to engage with and guide their children or mentees in learning.

The Parent role is for a student's parent or legal guardian - the person who will log in to see their child's progress.

The Coach role is designed for users outside of the school or family, but who will, by agreement with and permission from the school, review and comment on a student's work. This definition of coach doesn't refer to a P.E. teacher who also serves as the school's basketball coach, for example. An internship supervisor or community leader supervising students in a service learning project, for example, fit the model of a "coach" in Foundry.



Functions of Parent and Coach Roles

When logged in to the Parent role, parents will have access to see the progress of their child. This  engages parents in the learning process and enables communication between parent, student and teacher which is focused on the learning taking place. 

Similarly, when logged in to the Coach role, coaches, will see the students on their teams and their progress.

Once parents and coaches have an account in Foundry, they are able to:

  • review work and results related to their child, as gathered and managed in Foundry.
  • message with student and teacher about the work.
  • comment on work in progress as appropriate.


Create Parent or Coach Role

A Foundry Admin assigns the parent or coach roles when creating their new user accounts. See this article for more information on adding new users in Foundry. 

  • Create a new account (user) for the parent or coach, and select the appropriate role.
  • Create a new group of type 'Team'.
    • Assign Student, Guides (advisor, parent/coach) to the group as members. 
    • Assign the Group Manager.


Now the parent or coach is fully configured in Foundry. Share the school site URL, new username and password with the parent so that they he/she can log in for the first time. 


Viewing Students Through the Parent Role

When logged in to Foundry, Parents will see the following home screen, with "My Family" as the first tab displayed:


This table functions like the "Students" tab works on the Advisor page - it shows all work completed by the student.

The remaining tabs along the blue bar work in the same way they do for the Advisor and Student roles - but only makes visible data for students associated (by team group) with the parent.


For parents needing an in-depth look at how the Parent role works in Foundry, read here.


Along the top of the table, each column header contains an icon button. Clicking the icon will sort the table by the number of items in the column. 


The below image labels most of these icons, including those that appear on the Experiences page as well. Note: In the above graphic, the arrow icon to the right of the eyeball (not pictured below) is the date on which the student last logged into Foundry.




Interacting With the Cell Data:


This opens the experience pop-up, or "modal", which shows all experiences of which the student is a member, sorted by their current status.


This opens a task pop-up, or "modal", which shows all the tasks in their most recent state.  


Like Tasks, clicking the cell opens a "modal," which will show you all the logs you have completed as part of that particular experience. Logs that are greyed out with a checkbox (shown below) have been checked in by your teacher/advisor. Those that are unchecked have not yet been checked in. 



Like Logs, clicking the cell opens a modal and shows all the journals you have submitted as part of that particular experience. You can click an entry to expand and view the content of the journal, and even edit or comment, but that will not change the original submission date. 



Suggested Reading

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