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What You Need to Run Foundry



This article details basic technical requirements for operating Foundry.






Foundry is a cloud-based application, so no installation of any Foundry software is necessary. All that is required is an internet connection.


Software: Browsers

Foundry can be accessed via desktop browser, tablet, or smartphone. It is not a separate mobile app, so mobile users access it with a phone/tablet browser, not via an app download. 

We recommend running the most recent version of any one of the following web browsers: Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox. We do not recommend using Foundry with Internet Explorer. [The new Microsoft Edge browser has not been extensively tested, although we have not received any reports of difficulty using Edge from any of our customers.]


Software: Other Applications

To view generated reports and transcripts, it will be necessary to have one of the following available:

  • a PDF viewer will be necessary to view printed reports and transcripts
  • MS Excel to view spreadsheets generated by Foundry and to upload Target Sets and Users 


Integrations: Google Drive

Some schools make extensive use of Google file storage and sharing between students and teachers. Google Drive Folders and Documents can be viewed in Foundry. Files and/or folders can be linked to various forms, but the intended viewer must have prior read access to these and must be logged in to the G-Suite of which they are a part.  

Note: Foundry does not currently support a direct integration with Google Drive. The above method is the best way to share G-Suite files and folders in Foundry. 





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