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What is a Learning Experience? 3 of 3



To review Parts 1 & 2, a learning experience in Foundry:

  • Is a plan to develop specific skills, represented by learning targets,
  • Starts with a driving question, contains tasks and resources to guide and support your learning,
  • Has due dates, timelines, or checkpoints to help you keep on track, and 
  • Tells you how you will show both what and how you are learning along the way and at the "end" - in other words, what the evidence of learning will (or could) be.

So how do you see that in Foundry?

Every one of your experience plans is shown on your Experiences Page. If you don't remember that from the tour, it looks like this:

Screen Shot 2023-07-24 at 10.30.13 AM.png 

We'll go over how this page works in a different article. The point of this picture is to show the overall list.

To look at a single plan, you'll click any of the names in the list - each one has a little colored dot next to it. The dot tells you the status of the experience (is it done? are you working on it now? is it still in the planning stage?).

We're going to pick one called "Project - Magma, Seashells, Glaciers, and Cows." Below is what it looks like when you click the title:

Screen Shot 2023-07-25 at 6.20.06 PM.png


The video below is a really quick silent tour of what you would see (hit 'space' to pause if it's a little too quick). Notice the driving and guiding questions, and due dates.


What's really important are the tasks, learning targets, and resources.

Foundry keeps track of tasks and reminds you when the due dates are coming up.

The learning targets are what your teacher / advisor / coach is going to evaluate. The evaluated targets will show up on your Performance Page (more on this later).

Resources are actual files attached to the experience - they could be websites, videos, documents, pictures, etc. Some of them will open right up in Foundry, while others will download to your device for viewing.


Also notice the list of other students or advisors who are a part of the same learning experience with you. You can use messages and comments in Foundry to share ideas, ask questions, and get help.



That's the basic tour of a Foundry learning experience plan. To see how the Experiences Page works to keep your learning organized, read here

To learn more about how individual experiences work, read here. 

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