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Foundry Release Updates (pre-July 2018)



Running List of minor tweaks and bug fixes

This is a chronological list of corrections we made to the Foundry product for your reference. The corrections are grouped by date of release of update bundles.


Minor tweaks and bugs addressed in our June 15, 2018 update

  • Creating a new experience will now generate a message that includes a reference to the experience in the message subject for easy identification. It also now includes the name of the user who created the message, plus a more extended description of the experience created.
  • We enhanced the user activity feed to make it more meaningful. It now includes an identification of what the activity was about (task, time log, etc.).
  • We corrected some issues reported by customers with creating time logs and attaching evidence of work to an experience that were created as a result of software tool upgrades. 
  • We investigated and resolved user reported issues with generating summary and detail transcripts.
  • We resolved a user reported issue with editing of saved experience requests by updating the software tool involved.
  • We corrected a customer reported issue with experiences where adding a task didn't pre-populate with the experience members names. 
  • We corrected an issue with reporting time from within a student page where no student was selected in the popup window and an error message briefly appeared.
  • We corrected an issue where long scale labels were not displaying correctly in the Performance page bar charts. 

Build 2758


Minor tweaks and bugs addressed in our June 7, 2018 update

  • Some users were experiencing clicking on 'unread' messages would open the list of all messages, read and unread.
  • Some customers were challenged in adding time  to a calendar. We reconnected the parts of this mechanism.
  • A customer reported the inability to add a transfer record for a new student. The student had not been created yet. We improved the workflow, so that a student MUST be created first, before adding content to its record.
  • Some customers reported challenges with editing and saving calendar content. This is now corrected.

 Build 2696


Minor tweaks and bugs addressed in our May 21 update

  • Some users were not able to see all Learning Plans when reviewing students in the Performance pages.
  • A number of teachers were not able to access results when evaluating student experiences. 
  • Some users were not able to see a complete list of uploaded students in the advisory group they were allocated to. Clearing out the browser 'cache' resolved the issue.
  • List 'Guided Choice' and 'Free Choice' as their own line items on the detail transcript.
  • Minor tweaks to the screen layout to make Foundry use on mobile devices more user friendly.
  • Some student users may have noticed small 'check boxes' in the dashboard. These have been resolved to use the actual icons as intended.
  • Some Teachers have encountered a blank screen after setting a project to 'completed'.
  • Some students experienced difficulty editing their personal statement in the PLP.
  • Updated the Quick Actions menu for students. Changed 'We're Done' to 'Submit for Evaluation'.
  • For some customers date custom attributes were not displayed consistency where they were expected.
  • Some customers noticed the creation of duplicate custom attributes. This has been addressed.
  • Some customers were receiving duplicate "You are now part of ....." messages in their inbox.
  • In specific situations, a customer would be notified of duplicate user attributes.
  • Some customers reported that they were no longer able to drill into a specific project related to evaluation on the Performance page.


Issues addressed in our December 2017 update

We released a set of corrections to customer reported issues in Foundry. These issues may or may not have effected your particular school site. We are describing them here for information purposes only. Schools that reported these specific bugs have been informed individually about this update as well.

This enhancement release also includes small improvements with engineering enhancements, in an effort to make Project Foundry more responsive and more robust, while also continuously making it easier to use for our diverse set of users.


List of fixes

The following are the more notable enhancements in this release [release number] of Foundry.

  1. We corrected an issue with adding results, journals and tasks to completed projects.
  2. We corrected an issue that prevent some advisors from seeing their work in the My Work dashboard.
  3. We adding an informational message to show on screen in those situations where information is not available for a student as a result of the student not having an assigned Learning Plan.
  4. We corrected an issue that generated an error message when clicking on 'view detail' in the manage students learning plans listing




These fixes are available to all school customers and all users starting on the day the release updates are posted.


Where to look for additional descriptions and support

Functionality Description

For more detailed description of this updated functionality, please see the Project Foundry Help Center sections for Student, Advisor and Administrator. These sections are also accessible from everywhere in the Project Foundry environment by clicking on the rescue wheel in the lower right hand corner of your screen.


For questions about functionality or 'How does Project Foundry do .....?' see our expanding Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section in the Community

Feature Requests

Have ideas for new functionality for Project Foundry to help students do even more exciting projects? Make Project Foundry work for you. Tell us where we can continue to improve our product in our new 'Submit Feature Requests' Community page.


Discover a bug? Tell us about it at support@projectfoundry.com or directly through our Help Center bug reporting feature in every Project Foundry window. 


For questions about Project Foundry functionality, or to submit new technical issues you may have discovered, we recommend using the reporting feature built in to Project Foundry in order to obtain faster response.

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