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Assigning An Assessment




Assessments can be assigned to students to determine progress in acquiring specific learning targets. In Foundry, as an advisor you use a short form to assign a new assessment to one or more of your students.




Selecting 'Assign Assessment' from the Quick Actions menu overlays the form on the right on your Foundry screen.

The form has a few components that we'll discuss here. Once you have completed filling out the form, the assessment will be assigned, and the student will be notified of a new assessment he or she will need to work on.



Choose Assessment Type

The first things you will do is select the type of assessment you want to student to complete. IN the case of the example school, there are 5 different formats to select from.


Choose Assignment Type

At our example school, there are two options for assigning the Assessment:

  • student self assessment
  • custom assignment

The student self assignment (shown to the right) selects assessors only from the list of students in the advisory group, or the advisors themselves. 



Choose Custom Assignment

When selecting the 'custom assigned assessment' option, the advisor selects both the student needing to be assessed, as well as the individual assessing the student.  


TIP: This could be relevant in a apprentice type situation, where there are additional, non-school, individuals whose input in the student's growth is valued. The outside individual must be a user in Foundry and part of a group in order to be available in the selection options.



Choose deadline

Assessments are time bound, in order to keep the overall experience on track. Provide a start and end date for this specific assessment to be completed within.




Finally, add any additional clarification or guidelines that you believe would be helpful for the assessor as he or she performs the assessment.



Upon assignment of the assessment, the student will receive a notification about the new assignment. The student will have the option of beginning the activity immediately or put it aside to be done at a more convenient time within the timeframe set. 



The student is notified about the new assessment in 2 ways:

  1. Notification 
  2. Student dashboard

The student dashboard notification is shown to the right. If new assessments are assigned, there will be a notification immediately below the 'Tasks and Assessments' header.



Clicking on the white '2 Assigned Assessments' button shows which assessments are waiting to be completed. Student options are to either take on the assignment or to ignore it for now and come back to it at a more convenient moment.




What happens when the assessment is completed?

After clicking on the notification of new assessment, your student will be presented with the form you selected to be used (example see below). The student fills out the form and either saves it for additional work later, or submits it to be sent back to you for review during a scheduled coaching appointment.




Read more on assessment forms in general, how to create a form, how to modify a form.





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