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Introducing New Enhancements in 2022: Embedded Chat, Autoplan, and Performance Page Updates


In 2022, Foundry released a new communication feature called Embedded Chat, as well as a new optional feature called Autoplan, and made improvements to the displays on the Performance Page.


Embedded Chat allows learning experience members (students, advisors, parents and coaches) to create threaded conversations directly in the context of learning experiences and their associated journals, learning logs, and evidence. It is superior to text messaging or emailing outside Foundry because it is embedded directly in the work.

This feature is especially useful in circumstances where teachers and students are not always in the same physical locations, or otherwise available to each other at the same time, but want to make specific comments or ask questions about particular parts of the work.

Embedded Chat sends notifications to the student and advisor Work to Do pages, so users know when someone has responded to a question or comment. It brings added clarity and organization to communications between experience members without adding clutter.

Read more about how to work with Embedded Chat here.


Autoplan allows students, advisors, parents and coaches to view student learning progress without having a fully developed Learning Plan or Template in place. This is especially helpful to new Foundry users who want to get started with learning experiences, even if they are still developing their Learning Plan Templates. It is an optional feature that organizations request by contacting Foundry support.

Read more about how Autoplan works here.


Performance Page improvements include icons replacing text buttons for showing (and hiding) learning targets and groups, filters showing with greater specificity which targets and credits are required (and which are required multiple times), completed, in progress, attempted but not yet complete, and extra. Additional enhancements allow filtering completed goals by term, and a 'zoom' feature that shows work completion in discrete time periods, rather than solely by term.

Read more about the updated Performance Page here.

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