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This article discusses the feature currently called 'Autoplan,' it's purpose, and how it affects the display of student performance on the Performance Page.




How to Enable Autoplan

Autoplan Display on the Performance Page

Conclusion and Suggested Reading



Sometimes, the development of learning plan templates requires a lot of thought, discussion, and revision. Organizations just beginning their adoption of Foundry may need to get started with assigning and evaluating progress against learning targets while those learning plans are still in development.  

Autoplan is an optional feature that Foundry subscribers can request be enabled. When enabled, Autoplan will display progress on the Performance Page even when no Learning Plans exist or have been assigned to a student.


How to Enable Autoplan

The primary admin of your school can request to enable the Autoplan feature by contacting support@projectfoundry.com



Autoplan Display on the Performance Page

When a student has one or more Learning Plans assigned, these plans are listed in the Learning Plan Selector, just above the Performance Level Graph:


Note that the selector contains all the assigned plans, as well as the User Default Plan option. Default Plans are assigned by Admins in the User menu. Read more in detail about assigning a Default Plan here.

Note also that the top choice in the plan selector is Autoplan_AVA Content Targets 3-12. This indicates that the active Content Target Set is called "AVA Content Targets 3-12." Your school's plan selector will reflect the name of your active target set. Read more in detail about active (and other) Learning Target Sets here.

When any learning plan is selected, the student's progress against that particular plan will display in the resulting graphs below:


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Notice that unless a student has completed 100% of the requirements of the selected plan, the remaining required targets (and credits) will display as grey in the pie graph and the horizontal progress bars below it.

When Autoplan is chosen from the Learning Plan Selector, the display will show only those targets which have been marked complete, were attempted but not awarded a 'completer' mark, or are still in progress (that is, they are attached to an active learning experience but have not yet been evaluated by an advisor).

Because there is no Learning Plan applied, the pie graph and progress bars will not display grey targets and credits that have not yet been attempted. By engaging the various filters, users can still gauge how much progress the student has made - both at the subject, target group, and target level, as well as in various time frames, as shown in the successive images below.


Across 'All of Time', at the Subject level:



At the Target Group level (clicking into any progress bar will show added detail):


Note: The displayed box shown in the above graphic is designed to show remaining requirements of a learning plan, so this image does not provide analytical value when Autoplan is selected.


At the Target level:



At the target level in a particular Term (2021-2022 shown below):


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Although we cannot interpret how much is left to do without selecting a particular learning plan, this view provides quite a lot of detail about how the student is doing. It answers questions such as, What is the quality of their work? How many objectives have been achieved? How many active learning experiences is the student working on? How many goals have been attempted but not met? 

Even while an organization is still building its learning plans (or if one never adopts a Learning Plan template), a tremendous amount of valuable data is being generated and can be shared with all stakeholders in the learning process.

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